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Google Technological Support and Sharing

Google Technological Support and Sharing Throughout the years, Express LUCK collaborates closely with strategic partners to provide a better and advanced solution to customers. Recently, we are striving to offer those welcomed apps to be embedded in our smart TV products. We endeavour to improve the quality of life and heightened the enjoyment to the end-users. Jeff Koo, the Technical Account Manager of Android TV, came far away from Google Korea to exchange the technical know-how with our R&D Team at the Nanshan R&D Innovation Center of Shenzhen in late-August. Mr. Peter Pan (left), [...]

Google Technological Support and Sharing2019-09-06T15:43:18+08:00

Invitation: 2019 IFA Berlin

2019 IFA IFA Berlin is the significant event of the Industry, which held once a year. As usual, we join again and sincerely invite you to come. Meet us and feel our latest TV series at the booth!

Invitation: 2019 IFA Berlin2019-09-09T14:46:14+08:00

Website Revamp

Website Revamp We are delighted to announce that the website revamp of Express LUCK is ready. This revamp brings a fresh look to the browsers. The latest interface synchronizes with the globalization and strategic development of the company needs, sharing the latest information and market news related to Express LUCK to the target browsers. “The new website provides a great platform for customers and strategic partners to understand our latest development, recent focus and milestones. With the user-friendly website structure, visitors can have a quicker and straightforward access to the site. They can easily [...]

Website Revamp2019-06-28T15:58:22+08:00

Express LUCK Group “Industry 4.0” Kickoff

Express LUCK Group “Industry 4.0” Kickoff Under the fast-changing and strong self-protection world trade atmosphere, traditional production practice is no longer to seek the breakthrough. To surpass the bottleneck, enterprises move toward intelligent and connect with the era of big data is inevitable. "Industry 4.0" really can help Express LUCK Group to become a Smart Enterprise.  This can be the blueprint and corporate mission to enhance the productivity so as to achieve the maximum benefit towards sustainable development. From left: Mr. Sam Chan – Chairman of Express LUCK Group, Mr. [...]

Express LUCK Group “Industry 4.0” Kickoff2019-06-28T10:19:28+08:00

Colombia Delegation visited Express LUCK Industrial Park

Colombia Delegation visited Express LUCK Industrial Park Starting from 2016 Express LUCK Group established the Latin America operations in Mexico and Colombia respectively to cater for the corporate development.  Market diversification and globalized production hub are the corporate strategies to strive for perpetual growth of Express LUCK Group. It reduces the risk of relying on individual country and benefits for broadening the production capability and competitiveness internationally under the fierce economic condition. “In recent years, we are aiming at diversifying our global investment at overseas production facilities and sales operations to minimize the [...]

Colombia Delegation visited Express LUCK Industrial Park2019-06-28T10:21:39+08:00

Invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for PC and Seminar as Speaker

Invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for PC and Seminar as Speaker "How to Ensure Your Business is Not a Trade War Casualty" Starting from the left: Mr. Sam Chan - Chairman of Express LUCK Group, Mr. Nicolas Kwan - Director of Research of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Ms. Tatman R. Savio - Partner, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Hong Kong Office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Mr. Eddie Lee, CEO - Southeast Asia Region, ECMS Express Left: Mr. Sam Chan - Chairman of Express LUCK [...]

Invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for PC and Seminar as Speaker2019-06-28T10:24:06+08:00

Express LUCK Group and Innolux become the Best Commercial Alliance

Express LUCK Group and Innolux become the Best Commercial Alliance In recent years, the TV manufacturing industry is always facing the problem of raw material shortages, LCD screens are under the critical situation which seriously affect the industry's production and export volume. Coupled with therecent trade barriers, this makes the situation even worse. In order to reduce this pressure and impact on customers, Express LUCK Group is putting extra effort to maintain a stable and reliable relationship with suppliers, this year has made a breakthrough – sign “A Joint Memorandum of Co-operation with Innolux Optoelectronics [...]

Express LUCK Group and Innolux become the Best Commercial Alliance2019-06-28T10:27:36+08:00

Express LUCK in the Top Exporters List again

Express LUCK in the Top Exporters List again The China TV Manufacturer Export in May 2018 was 9.6 million units. It has increased 4% compared with last month and has increased 15% compared with same time last year. Express LUCK Group exported 490 thousand units of TV in May 2018 and was again being ranked as the Top 4 exporters in China. Export unit in May 2018 has outperformed by 32% compared with April 2018 as well as to the corresponding period last year with the same percentage. The growth has been pulled [...]

Express LUCK in the Top Exporters List again2019-06-28T10:33:09+08:00
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