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Express Luck 8th Youth Games

The Express Luck 8th Youth Games were running on May 29, 2016 successfully, the purpose for this Games to improve our team work spirit, enhance physical fitness and more fantastic life for our staffs.

It has 12 difference games include: Group Gymnastic, Rope Skipping, Basket Ball, Tug of war, Table Tennis, Running, Carrying Water Relay, Invincible Wheel, Cross Electric Net, Cycling, Transfer hula hoop, Multi-feet run. And all our staff enjoyed the games and show ExpreeLuck spirit everywhere.

                                 Management team attend the 8th Youth Games

                                             Basket Ball Match

                                            Tug of war

                                      Cross the electric net

                                           Invincible Wheel

                                            Rope skipping

                                            Group Gymnastic

                                       QinDiQuan performance

                                              Award ceremony

                                            Award ceremony

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