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TV upgrading methods
 This manual will introduce 2 upgrading methods £¨select one option£©

Option1£ºUpgrading User Menu£º

Please copy the new software to the USB;

Power ON the TV and then link the USB to the USB port.

Press MENU to display the main menu. Then press    /    to the OPTION menu. And

Then select the software in the root of your USB memory;

Press ENTER, then press    to update.

After finishing the above steps, the screen will be black, then the indicator will be turned to

red color, which means all the operation is finished.

Option 2£ºUpgrading By Powering On

Please copy the new software to the USB£¬link it to the USB port of TV,

Re-power on, if the LED blinks continually, it means the upgrading is on processing,

When the LED light is off, it means the upgrading has been completed.


1£¬Do not turn OFF the power during the upgrading.

2£¬The USB devices should be without computer virus or other files inside;

3£¬If the new software is put in a RAR package, you must decompress the software from the RAR package.

4£¬The new software name below (cannot be changed):


5£¬When upgrading, the LED blinks slowly every 1 second.

If upgrade succeeds, the LED will blink quickly every 1/4 second.

If upgrade fails, the red LED will light for a long time and green LED will light for a short time in cycle.

6£¬After upgrading the software, you had better enter the default menu to resume as follows:

Press the remote,control and enter the password ¡°MENU1147¡±, now the TV will display with ¡°Factory Setting¡± .

---Select the option ¡°INIT TV¡±, and then press      on the remote control to reset it.

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