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How to maintain remote?


How to maintain remote?

1:Please avoid throwing, falling and wetting of the remote. Keep the surface and the battery of the remote clean

2:Try to avoid children playing with remote for the frequently start will shorten the lifetime of remote and television.

3:Never wipe the surface of remote with solvent or potent chemicals. If there is slight dust, wipe it lightly with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn. If the dirt in surface is too heavy, remove it with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn which has dipped in neutral detergent, then let it air-dry.

4:if the battery drops down from the remote accidently and needs to put back in place or needs to change the battery, please be clear with polarity of battery and make it in accordance with the polarity in battery compartment, and avoid the phenomenon of remote or battery burnt even battery explosion caused by reverse installation of battery.

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