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The Express Luck fires on all Sylinders in Canton Fair 2014


                   The Express Luck fires on all Sylinders in Canton Fair 2014

The 115th Canton Fair 2014 was solemnly inaugurated on 15th, April. The Chairman of the board in Express Luck headed the elite group of foreign sales department and fired on all sylinders with the most innovative and competitive products. Same as previous years, the Canton Fair will undoubtedly become a powerful platform for domestic and overseas electronic manufacturers to demonstrate their strength and enhance their brand popularity. With powerful product competitiveness and abundant technology supports, Express Luck is full of confidence in victory.


Express Luck demonstrated an audio-vision feast to customers with fluent broadcasting picture, electrifying visual effect and clear tone quality. It attracted many exhibitors to stop to watch and experience, even forgot to leave. Its¡¯ LEDTV, like 28series, 38series, 48series, 68series, etc are diversified in appearance and exquisite in design. Combined with core technology and innovative design idea, these new products such as DLED, 4K2K perfectly demonstrated the technology innovative idea of quick response, energy saving and environment protecting. Ever since its launching, the smart TV has earned general compliments from customers, moreover, it even satisfied customers¡¯ demands in different sizes. The smart TV produced by Express Luck has variable sizes from 15.6¡± to 65¡±. With high quality & reasonable price and strong quality guarantee, Express Luck products gained favorable words continuously from the same industry.



With the vision of ¡°quick respond and customers¡¯ utmost¡±, Express Luck Industrial Ltd will persist in rewarding customers¡¯ love and support with superior products and service. We believe that Express Luck will certainly top the list in this Canton Fair and get favorable achievements. And today, what Express Luck has gained is not only complements but also the motivation for keeping forward. We are expecting the fair a success and the Express Luck a promising future.
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