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Maintenance & Safety
Author£ºservice zhu¡¡Published£º2014-3-31
 Ask: Maintenance & Safety

1, Safety Warning:

The inside key components in the LED TVmust be offered and replaced by qualified and appointed manufacturer. Otherwise it may generate electricshocks, fires or other important unsafety cases.Don¡¯t try to change the circuits without authorized permission.Ensure to study the maintenance and service manual thoroughly before doing any of the maintaining actions.

2, High Voltage Warning:

Please be highly noted the high voltages in the circuit.

3, Electricshocks and Fires Warning:

Connect the insulate transformer between the AC current to the LED TV before repairing the panel.Take care of the Soldering Pad related to the high voltage circuit. When there occurs short-circuit case,please replace the overheated components in time.

All protective equipments must be re-installed according to the original design.

Check the rosin joints, stack welds and the insulations, ensure there is no objection attached.   

4, Antistatic Warning:

The inner circuit boards in the LED TV are sensitive to the statics. Please take care of the ESD protection when replace the circuit boards.

The circuit boards must be packed by antistatic bags.Please wear antistatic ring and gloves when during repairing works.

5, Attention:

LVDSVDD ¨C if the LED TV is in 5V, it must be switched to the setting of 5V¡£And if It is in 12V, it must be switched to the setting of 12V

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