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The 26th World Universiade Games was held in Shenzhen in 2011, to create a green environment of humanities Universiade in recent years, the Shenzhen municipal government will organize a series of related activities and guide the public to participate in them, for the Universidad to create a more beautiful and harmonious environment. The activity theme of tree planting is "with planting a green, meet the Universiade", the government hopes that through this massive tree planting activities to arouse the attention and support of the whole community with green action for the Universiade to create a beautiful garden. As a business development for over ten years, Express Luck has always put social responsibility and obligation as one of enterprise service, we know enterprise development is inseparable from the social returns, contributions to society a force not only a virtue, but is a good corporate duty.

The tree-planting activities, our staffs were given a revelation of love. To create a green transportation, and build a better home, contribute to a force, which is the best time to our corporation to take this social responsibility. 

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