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Social Insurance

Consolidate to buy the Social Insurance for employees in Shenzhen Social Insurance.

Medical insurance system

1, the company is concerned about the health of employees, annual health checks for employees on a regular basis, so that employees can promptly for personal health management.

2, the company has a clinic.

Staff Activities

1, in order to enrich the amateur culturally life of staff and improve employee quality of life, monthly birthday celebration is organized for staff will enrich everyone's leisure life, and enhance team cohesion;

2, quarterly organize outings.

3, organize a large annual spring gala.

4, organize an annual large-scale employee Youth Games.

5, regularly organizes various business and cultural activities, such as chess, sports, karaoke activity, prize essay and other cultural activities.


Company employees enjoy paid annual national holidays.

Other benefits

Our enterprise annually offers some of Shenzhen household accounts to some qualified staffs, and adjusts their works according to their needs. Meanwhile, under the annual quota and employee needs, we will help some of excellent staff to apply Hong Kong and Macao business visas.

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