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Corporate purposes

Providing innovative, qualified products, programs and services; comprehensive assistance to the customers, enterprise and employees to achieve a successful experience.

Enterprise Position: world-class television industry's leading manufacturers.

Business Positioning: Be a total solution supplier include hardware, software, and services for the A/V products.

Business principles: highly responsible for customers and employees, seek bright future for all.

Corporate Mission

Become a technology leader in our industry, continued to pursue maximization of customer satisfaction.

Maintain and develop the industry leader in the field of technology.

Core Values

Integrity, innovation, customer-oriented, global concepts, active and efficient pursuit of goals and reward and punishment.

The basic principle of the company'

(A) Principles for a man: integrity, respect, hard-working, pragmatic

(B) Principles on working: the courage to bear, the overall view angle, the pursuit of excellence 

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