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     Express Luck made unremitting efforts to achieve a great leap from a production-oriented enterprise to a company with development, production, and sales since its establishment in 1997. The company always adheres to that the staffs is the core competitiveness of enterprises, upholds ¡°people as the foremost, technological innovation, superior quality, cost control¡± as the management philosophy, is committed to creating a learning organization team, continues to enhance marketing capabilities and technological innovation capacity, and realizes comprehensive management capabilities to enhance and economic benefits to span continuously.

      Express Luck has exported its products all over the world, honor to have many stable customers with good relationship, and has won the praise of industry customers with excellent product quality and service. Today, we can strongly assume the mission "to produce the satisfactory products for customers, to cultivate the useful personnel for society", diligently pursue modern scientific management methods, positively achieve the new span of enterprise with technology innovation, process optimization and cultural construction change & breakthrough, and continuously create the new brilliance in the development history of Express Luck!

      The pursuit is endless. Looking into the future, Express Luck will certainly face more opportunities and challenges. People from Express Luck have dreams, courage, and pursuit. We will face new challenges, seize opportunities, create good conditions, and integrate more resources, with developmental vision and thinking of the times. We firmly believe that technology leads change, innovation changes life, and the wise & brave people from Express Luck will certainly write a more brilliant and brighter future with great perseverance!

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